Mapping to the RDA MIG Metadata Element Set


Alexander Ball, Keith Jeffery and Rebecca Koskela (2017), ‘Mapping to the RDA MIG Metadata Element Set’, in EOSCpilot Data Interoperability Technical Workshop, Genome Campus, Hinxton, 4–5 October 2017.

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The RDA Recommended Metadata Element Set is the outworking of a vision for metadata interoperability that follows from the FAIR Data Principles and the RDA Metadata Principles. The vision is to define a metadata package for any given use case, map between the package and relevant metadata standards, and thereby use the package as a conduit for conversion between those standards. The Recommended Metadata Element Set provides the superset for these packages. It consists of seventeen high-level elements that group together more detailed elements. In this tutorial, Alex Ball introduces these high-level elements and explains how to unpack them and map them to existing metadata standards.


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