% Downloaded from https://alexball.me.uk/docs/ball.etal2017mrd/natbib @unpublished{ball.etal2017mrd , author = {Alexander Ball and Keith Jeffery and Rebecca Koskela} , title = {Mapping to the RDA MIG Metadata Element Set} , year = {2017} , month = oct , howpublished = {Presentation delivered at ‘EOSCpilot Data Interoperability Technical Workshop’, Genome Campus, Hinxton, 4--5 October 2017} , abstract = {The RDA Recommended Metadata Element Set is the outworking of a vision for metadata interoperability that follows from the FAIR Data Principles and the RDA Metadata Principles. The vision is to define a metadata package for any given use case, map between the package and relevant metadata standards, and thereby use the package as a conduit for conversion between those standards. The Recommended Metadata Element Set provides the superset for these packages. It consists of seventeen high-level elements that group together more detailed elements. In this tutorial, Alex Ball introduces these high-level elements and explains how to unpack them and map them to existing metadata standards.} , venue = {Genome Campus, Hinxton} }