% Downloaded from https://alexball.me.uk/docs/ball2014iri/natbib @unpublished{ball2014iri , author = {Alex Ball} , title = {Increasing Research Impact: the National Data Registry} , year = {2014} , month = mar , howpublished = {Presentation delivered at ‘Jisc Digital Festival’, ICC, Birmingham} , abstract = {Jisc is funding work to develop a national data registry for the UK, so that the holdings of subject-based data centres and institutional data repositories alike to be searched from a single location. The work begins with a pilot phase, testing the feasibility of the registry and uncovering challenges that will need to be addressed if and when the registry is developed into a sustainable service. The pilot project team is working with nine UK data centres and the data repositories of nine UK universities to harvest their metadata and provide a consistent search and browse interface for locating research data.} , venue = {ICC, Birmingham} }