% Downloaded from https://alexball.me.uk/docs/ball2015sms/biblatex @unpublished{ball2015sms , author = {Alex Ball} , title = {Summary of the activities of the Metadata Standards Directory Working Group} , date = {2015-03-09} , venue = {Paradise Point, San Diego, CA} , howpublished = {Presentation delivered at ‘Research Data Alliance Fifth Plenary’, Paradise Point, San Diego, CA, 9--11 March 2015} , abstract = {The Metadata Standards Directory Working Group concluded its activities at the Research Data Alliance Fifth Plenary. This document represents the superset of the three presentations that gave a final summary report of the group's activities:</p><ul><li>Joint session of the Metadata IG, Metadata Standards Directory WG, Data in Context IG, and Research Data Provenance IG (9 March, 14:00)</li><li>Outputs Plenary (9 March, 17:30)</li><li>Metadata Plenary (10 March, 12:15)</li></ul><p>} }