% Downloaded from https://alexball.me.uk/docs/ball2017ffi/biblatex @unpublished{ball2017ffi , author = {Alex Ball} , title = {Flying the Flag: In Support of Metadata Standards} , date = {2017-05-25} , venue = {University of Milan} , howpublished = {Presentation delivered at ‘Open Research Data Management: Policies and Tools’, University of Milan, 24--25 May 2017} , abstract = {It is well understood how open data can lead to more rigorous research, and unlock the possibilities for answering increasingly complex questions and challenges. Often overlooked is the vital role that metadata plays in allowing that to happen. Metadata is vital for discovering data, assessing its quality and relevance, and for reusing and repurposing it. Far too much metadata is either missing or in a form only the creator's systems can use. We need to take seriously the challenge of providing standardized metadata as standard, and that will take commitment from systems designers, research data managers, and researchers alike.} }