% Downloaded from https://alexball.me.uk/docs/ball2021crl/biblatex @unpublished{ball2021crl , author = {Alexander Ball} , title = {Consequences of Recommendations for Licensing Data} , date = {2021-05-06} , venue = {Zoom} , howpublished = {Presentation delivered at ‘Meeting of the Committee ‘Utredning av lisensiering for deling og gjenbruk av forskningsdata’’, Zoom, 6 May 2021} , abstract = {<p>Licensing research data is an effective way of ensuring legal interoperability with other data sources, so long as an appropriate licence is chosen. This presentation explores the respective consequences of withholding and providing guidance and recommendations on appropriate licences, and the knock-on effects regarding licensed and unlicensed data. It also gives an overview of the approach taken by the University of Bath in terms of advising its researchers.\parThis presentation was addressed to the national Norwegian committee set up in 2020 to conduct a study of licensing for sharing and reuse of research data.</p>} }