Alex Ball — Interests


The use of ICT in the Library and Information sector has always been something that has interested me. This has lead me into various areas, such as the use of online catalogues – single, virtual and union – for interlibrary lending (while I was at SWRLS) research into best practices for digital curation, and my current interest in research data management.


In no particular order:

Real world

My biggest hobby is music. At one point I was Grade VIII standard on the flute, and although I'm no pianist I can bash out the odd tune on a keyboard. I mainly sing nowadays, particularly with my local parish church choir and the St George Singers (see us in action); in times gone by I have sung with the Elizabethan Madrigal Singers (University of Wales, Aberystwyth), the Wykeham Singers (New College, Oxford), Wedmore Opera, and the Somerset County Youth Choir. I was also a founding member of a 3-5 part a cappella group called QuadWranglers (sadly no longer together), for which I contributed about a third of the music we performed – mostly light-hearted material.

Web design is something for which I have developed a morbid fascination, so there's really no excuse for the quality of the one I set up for my family in 2004. That one is a static website generated from dynamic source code, from before it was fashionable or indeed pleasant to do so. The site you are reading now grew out of the set of personal pages I maintained while at UKOLN; I hope to make this less and less obvious over time.

I confess to a weakness for "cult TV", from the early shows like The Avengers, The Prisoner and Doctor Who to the more modern ones like Being Human, Misfits and, er, Doctor Who.