Towards a metadata Rosetta Stone: The RDA MIG Metadata Element Set


Alexander Ball (2020), ‘Towards a metadata Rosetta Stone: The RDA MIG Metadata Element Set’, in RDA Research Data Management in Engineering Interest Group Seminar: "Building Metadata Standards Within Engineering Disciplines and Communities", Zoom, 9 October 2020.

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The RDA Metadata Interest Group (MIG) Metadata Element Set is the outworking of a vision for metadata interoperability that follows from the FAIR Data Principles and the RDA Metadata Principles. The vision is to define a metadata package for any given use case, map between the package and relevant metadata standards, and thereby use the package as a conduit for conversion between those standards. The Metadata Element Set provides the superset for these packages. It consists of seventeen high-level elements that group together more detailed elements that can be used to characterize a metadata scheme. This talk introduces Metadata Element Set, shows its current state of development, and explains how it might be applied in an Engineering context.


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