Interactive fiction

Here are some works of interactive fiction I have written.

Gnu in the Zoo

I wrote this game in the latter half of 2010 after doing some work on data licensing, though it has more to do with software licensing.

It is a parser-based game where you take the role of a gnu trying to escape a zoo. It might be a bit tricky to work out what you have to do, but there is no danger of unwittingly making a losing move.

Version history
Version 3: 2016-03-31 (current)
Version 2: 2011-01-23
Version 1: 2010
Authoring tool
Inform 7

The Spectrap

This is an escape game aimed at young children, based around the theme of colours. It is quite a short and easy choice-based game, with no nasty surprises.

Certain aspects of the game reflect the interests of the children who first played it.

Version history
Version 2: 2016-05-28 (current)
Version 1: 2016-01-24
Authoring tool
Twee2/Twine 2