A simple and flexible litany setting for 3 parts, for singing the intercessions.

This is a simple and flexible way of singing intercessions, written for 3-part close harmony. The idea is that you alternate between a metrical setting of ‘Lord, hear our prayer’ and a chanted petition with accompanying drone. The intercessions conclude with a setting of the ‘Merciful Father’ prayer from modern Anglican liturgy.

It is in a minor key and sounds a little bit Gregorian or Russian Orthodox.

I first used it in a set of intercessions recorded for a service on 5 July 2020.

Summary information


Version 1.0

Initial release

MP3 rendering of the MIDI preview.

The MIDI files come straight from Lilypond, so do not reflect the written tempo changes.

Source code

This piece was written using Lilypond. The source code for it is available from my GitLab repository. To compile it yourself, you will also need my house style files.