Why have you forsaken me

A song based on Psalm 22 for Baritone and Organ.

This piece is based on the first half of Psalm 22, as seen through the lens of the events of Good Friday. Indeed, I came up with the basics of it on the way back home from a service of the Liturgy of the Last Hour.

The accompaniment is deliberately sparse to reflect the desolation conveyed by the psalm. I very nearly made it a single line with no chords or polyphony at all, but I think this works better. I wanted to give the impression of it snaking around the singer and jabbing, poking, biting, before deserting them altogether.

Summary information


Version 1.0

First public release.

MP3 rendering of the MIDI preview.

Source code

This piece was written using Lilypond. The source code for it is available from my GitLab repository. To compile it yourself, you will also need my house style files.